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Naira Ali Rants Over Artistes Who Use Money Hype Their Songs And Sabotage Others, Threatens To Expose Them

The habit of some artistes or their managements paying Radio and TV show hosts not to play other artistes’ is not something new in the Ugandan music industry and it has through the years failed talented singers’ music from reaching fans.

Singer Naira Ali who is a victim of this, a few days ago came out to rant about it in a post on her official Facebook Page.

The singer who didn’t mention any name of the artiste that has paid for her music not to be played also revealed that on top of paying so that that other artistes’ songs don’t get played, they also boost their social media platforms for following,  pay for their songs to be on countdowns not forgetting paying TV, radio presenters and bloggers to praise them.

“You pay for your song to get on countdowns, pay presenters to praise you, you exercise pay per play for your songs, you pay bloggers to praise you, you bost your social media’s for following, you generate YouTube views monitorily, almost every media person is on your payroll, you surbotage other artists music playing and there’s absolutely nowhere your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you’re the best. Amazing!!” Read Naira’s post

As soon as the post went up some people challenged Naira saying that basing on the fact that it’s nowadays a highly competitive music industry, artistes have all the rights to use money to promote their music

“In everything must invest so that you earn more..it’s simply business and is every business there’s competition so how is that a problem? you either copy, do more than what they are doing or sit down and watch them blow!” A one Becky Smile said

“We have different targets and therefore different Strategies to hit them. Tokolima… Strategise and hit your targets.. stakeholders want money, they are here to do business not Charity”-Said Farhad Kwezi

Naira who acknowledged that the use of money to promote one’s music is inevitable alktough her biggest problem is artistes paying to sabotage  other artistes’ music

“For those of you arguing that it’s a competitive industry and all that is necessary, listen I totally understand and we operate with a budget but we don’t use our money to surbotage {sic} or frustrate other artists like paying to keep them off playlists and in rotation. I have voicenotes and screenshots this particular artist doing it on my song. Wait for my next post” Said Naira

Although she claims to have evidence of this artistes who failed one of her songs, she hasn’t yet come out to expose him or her.



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