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Naira Ali’s ‘Masala’ Is ‘Extraordinarily Delicious’

‘Tulo’ was one of Naira Ali’s hit songs in the musical year 2015. She is yet back with a fresh song dubbed ‘Masala’ literally meaning ‘something extra ordinarily delicious’. It is an Afrobeat love song which was produced by Rico of Purplecord Studios last week.

“The video is already shot and it was directed by Grate Make Films. We are just waiting for elections to be done then we release it.” Naira Ali told Chano8 when we contacted her for a comment.


Naira Ali

Being a love song and one of Naira’s New Year songs, Masala is here and if you have listened to it, she sang and expressed the love she has for a man whose sweetness she compared with ‘Masala’. The ‘Tulo’ singer sang the song in three languages namely Luganda, Swahili and English.

Naira introduces the song saying that the man is sweet like sugar and even if they hate on her because they are in love, she doesn’t mind. She then begins the song’s first verse where she says that, she doesn’t want anybody to interrupt her because she has already won and taken the man.


One of the shots in the ‘Masala’ upcoming video


Naira Ali at the Masala’s video shoot

Her deep affection for the sweet man takes away all the fear of her parents and replaces it with a childish excitement that makes her feel like telling it to the whole world. And no matter how much haters try bewitching her, she is ready to walk down the isle with her sweet man. In the second and final verse, the mellow voiced singer compliments the love of her life and admitting his love is an anointment but not just a coincidence.

She concludes by saying that she needs to be the one to cook for the guy, serve him so that he enjoys her deliciously prepared food plus needing to be the sponge that cleans the man’s body.

You can listen to ‘Masala’ by Naira Ali below.


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