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Nasty: Footballer Pierces Opponents With Needle During Match

While growing up as very active youngsters, there was a saying in football circles that ‘when you miss the ball, don’t miss the leg’. The simple interpretation is that, you have to to everything withing your means to stop the opponent (from scoring). This was always used to encourage defenders to toughen up during competitive games especially against bitter rivaling teams from the neighbourhood.

However an Argentine footballer who goes by the names Federico Allande took this way too far when he sneaked onto the pitch with a needle to stop opposition strikers from scoring during a cup match on Sunday.

The defender who turns out for a lower-division club Sport Pacifico caused a lot of outrage among the locals when he bragged in a radio interview after the game that he did everything possible to neutralise the opposing players of club Estudiantes including piercing them with needles.

The defender had a needle in his left hand which he used for piercing opponents

Well, we have seen players like Luis Suarez resorting to biting opponents when things got tough but this here is outright madness especially considering the player in question even bragged about the whole saga. This is not only weird, but very unsporting and could fetch him a long term ban as well as loss his place in the team.

The defender is said to have openly bragged of how he particularly targeted Estudiantes striker Juan Otero and pierced him several times during the game his team surprising won 3-2. “We knew that we had to play dirty against them and I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle,” He said.

The defender mostly targeted striker Juan Otero (2nd left) 

However, this move which initially made them heroes now could turn into the defenders downfall after his boss and President of Pacifico Hector Moncada vowed to get rid of him as soon as possible. And whether he will find another team to take him on is really looking like a wild guess.

“We are devastated. This incident has tarnished the team’s good work. I will expel him from the club,” Mr Moncada report told Clarín newspaper.

Juan Otero raised the issue with the referee and described Allande as ‘Nasty’


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