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Navio And Keko Redefining Hip Hop With Their Crazy Song

Ugandan hip hop stars Navio and Keko just took the whole music industry by storm following the release of their crazy song.

Whoever thought hip hop is dead, he or she should think again because these mcees keep pushing their stature to greater heights with every other song that they release. The Kigozi star is having a time of his life with all his recent songs like Ayaya, Ndi Mukodo and work it featuring Nigeria’s Dr. Sid, doing so well with several hits on YouTube and massive airplay across several local stations while Keko on the other hand just released her ready video. She said,

The record is a very urban record, mid tempo and very playful. What I want the fans to do is basically just enjoy the music. Life is a journey and so is the music. They are different types of music from Keko and different side of Keko.’

Navio and Keko take it to greater heights.

Navio and Keko take it to greater heights.

Following the release of crazy, Keko has indeed shown her different styles and versatility. The two artists blended so perfectly and if this is the future of our music industry, then its safe to say, Ugandan music will soon dominate the African market. Until then, we shall keep hoping for more artistes to step it up a notch.

Listen to the crazy song below.

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