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Navio Hints At The Klear Kut Reunion

Having replaced Keko in this year’s edition of Coke studio, artiste Navio hinted at the reunion of Klear Kut, a group that comprised of him, JB, The Mith and Papito.

Navio, one of Uganda’s celebrated Hip Hop artistes while speaking at an exclusive media connect session at coke studio Africa set in Nairobi, revealed that together with The Mith, a fellow rapper, they have been planning a major comeback of their former Hip Hop group which came to life in 2000 and thereafter gaining reputation through original compositions and performances.

“Klear Kut is a legendary group and still among the top of East African groups. We made a lot of firsts in Uganda that’s the reason why we created a big brand. Now we can’t just tease the public as we have the whole group to consider. Expect a proper comeback with an album dropping in 2015 and an upcoming single “Let it rain” to be released in two months,” said Navio alongside The Mith, who accompanied him to Nairobi.

Navio at the Coke Studio

Navio at the Coke Studio

Navio went on gushing about his love for Kenya – his birth country. He said, “I was born out here in Kenya because my family was involved in some revolutionary activities here.” Navio credits his high profile status to talent and a wealth of experience. “I keep up with trends, change flows and experiment many times coming up with new material on the spot.”

This is the second time Navio is appearing in the coke studios and he’s paired with Mozambican R&B singer G2. The two are collaborating in the show’s new mash-up style format which is being produced by Kenyan producer Jaaz Odongo. “It’s really cool working with an R&B guy. We can make R&B and hip hop song intricate and you will hear it on the show.” Navio said about his partner.

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