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Navio Releases The Magnificent ‘Ayaya’ Video Featuring Tanzania’s Mr. Blue

Navio who has undoubtedly been a strong force in the Ugandan music industry has finally released his latest Ayaya video featuring Mr. Blue, this not only solidifies his presence as one the greatest hip hop stars in the country, but also helped him win some Tanzanian fans.

The Klear Kut rapper released the Ayaya video today and it has already received massive views on YouTube, with the numbers expected to skyrocket through the week.

According to the statement released by Navio’s record group ‘Navcorp’ the two artistes came to produce one the realest collaborations of all time,

Two East African pioneers come together on one of the realest East African collabos of all time. Navio and Mr Blue, known for walking the line between commercial and the underground seamlessly, get on this one track and manage to make it sound effortless. Any rapper, any music lover, any chart and even a hater may have to tip off their hats to these two individuals. It shows that rap in the region is alive and about to begin competing in a big way. With all the collaborations that Navio had promised from TZ, we are glad that the realest has found its way to your TV screens. Navcorp proudly presents Navio featuring Mr Blue in Ayaya.’

Have a look at the amazing video below.

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