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NBS TV’s Anita Fabiola Bashed On Twitter Over Calling Herself A ‘god’

NBS TV presenter and socialite Anita Fabiola on Thursday got a social media backlash from Twitter users following a Tweet she sent calling herself a ‘god’

The sexy TV presenter shared a photo of herself clad in a rainbow coloured dress and captioned it “I am a god”.

Within a few minutes, the comments from Twitter users which weren’t positive began coming in as many were bashing her over the caption in what seems like a way of showing their dissatisfaction that she had referred herself as god.

One twitter user identified as Wangolo Emmanuel commented saying god my foot….. the weed Sam pipo take”. Another user identified as Mercy Joan said “You’re high on something cheap”

So why did Fabiola actually call herself a god and what does god actually mean to her

“YOU are a god if you know & believe that you have the power to manifest all your dreams into reality & the power to be who you were created to be. You alone have the power to create the life you desire, to change your story & to step into your calling. Therefore, you are a god.” Fabiola explained in another tweet.

It seems ‘god’ is her new alias but little did she know that people were going to mock her for that.

Here is how twitter users mocked Fabiola for calling herself a god









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