What You Need To Know About Maxi Priest

Every time I hear the name Maxi Priest what flashes in my mind are two hit songs of his and that is none other than ‘Wild Wild’ and ‘Just A Little Bit Longer’. However one thing that confuses many people is his nationality which many mistake to be a Jamaican because of the Reggae music genre he sings but truth is, he is English.

To those who still don’t know the details, Maxi Priest born Max Alfred Elliot is an English Reggae singer who has been on the scene from 1982. He was born and raised in LewishamLondon, on June the 10th 1961 following his parents’ emigration from Jamaica to London before his birth.

He will perform live for his second time in Uganda at the 9th Annual Nile Gold Jazz and Soul Safari concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval this Saturday.


Growing up in a religious family with his mother being a Pentecostal missionary, Maxi began his singing career while singing at the Saxon Studio International based in South London where he also released one of his first albums dubbed ‘Maxi Priest’ in 1988.

It was with Saxon that Maxi began performing at neighbourhood youth clubs and house parties where he first won an appreciative audience and from then Maxi has never turned back but instead sank his roots deeper on to the music scene releasing songs that have raised and kept him to stardom.

Conversion to Rastafarianism

“You’re born in England, you try and find some identity and you’re constantly told that you don’t belong here, so you find yourself searching for a sense of belonging,” were Maxi Priest’s words after converting to the Rastafarian sect of Twelve Tribes_of_Israel.


For a successful artiste who has been singing from 1982 he has a lot of songs among which include ‘Close To You’, ‘Wild World’, ‘That Girl’, ‘Some Guys Have All The Luck’, ‘Just A Little Bit Longer’, ‘Best Of Me’, ‘Best Of Luck’, ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Easy To Love’, ‘In The Spring Time’ among very many others

As for the albums Maxi has ‘You Are Safe’-1985, ‘Intentions’ – 1986, ‘Maxi’-1988, ‘Bonafide’-1990, ‘Fe Real’-1992, ‘Man With Fun’-1996, ‘Combination’-1999, ‘2 The Max’-2005, ‘Refused’-2007, ‘Easy To Love’-2014 to date.

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