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All You Need To Know About Rising Star A Pass

A pass broke into the Ugandan music scene with the song “YOU DONNO ME” which caused a lot of talk around town because many people thought he was either Nigerian or Jamaican. He started music at an early age. While in school, he used to mime other artists’ music and his first song was recorded at Freeways studio in 2007 after which he took music more seriously and went on to rise into a professional recording artist. Chano8 caught up with the promising star.


Born Bagonza Alexander, he is 25 years old and the second born of seven siblings. He went to Kampala Kindergarten for my nursery school, Nakasero Primary School for my primary, Mary Land and St Lawrence, Cream land for secondary school.

He started singing when he was P.6 but it was mostly Shaggy music. In secondary school, he used to write down his music, but unfortunately every time he filled a book, it was stolen. The first song he ever released was called “love is a beautiful thing” and that was in his S.5.

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