“I Need My Passport Back” – Salvado Cries At British High Commission

Photos by Habre Muriisa

The long awaited ‘Africa Laughs’ comedy show is happening tomorrow. All preparations are done, headlining comedians from other countries are still jetting in but there is one major problem that may hinder the success of the event and it has happened to none other than Salvado Idringi, the host of the show.

About a month ago, Salvado hosted an event where UBL was sending off its former director and at the same time welcoming the new MD and on that occasion, the British Commissioner H.E Alison Blackburne was one of the guests. Salvado cracked a joke of how he had been tossed to get his VISA to the UK but it seems he was serious, only that he said it in a joking way.


Comedian Salvado needs back his passport

The comedian has this time round, come out with his dissatisfaction with the British council for failure to get him a VISA as well as keeping his passport for over a month without any clear reason.

“I would like to share a very frustrating experience I’m going through right now with the British Visa application centre in South Africa. I applied for a VISA on the 18th of July to attend the wedding of my friend Sheena Ruparelia slated for the 28th of August in the UK.

All documents were in order because I know what is required to get one since I’ve been to the UK over 3 times, as I write today, a decision hasn’t been made as to whether I get the visa or not. Apparently because my passport hasn’t reached the visa application office.” He wrote

Adding that he has had to cancel some gigs because of that, yet the office says 15 days processing time is needed for the clearance and that no one is going to compensate him for the gigs, the time he has spent going to the office in Kamwokya, and the frustration he’s had to endure from that office.


Comedian Salvado need his passport back to be able to attend a friend’s wedding in South Africa on 28th August.

He further asked why the Ugandan passports have to be processed in South Africa and other questions. “Why do Uganda VISAs have to be processed in SA, like why?  What’s the purpose of the British High commission in Uganda?  Why do we have to be disrespected like this, aren’t we worthy of having our visas processed from Uganda like the American VISAs? Why do we have to wait for 15days? Why do I have to suffer for over 40 days?  If my passport is lost, please have the courtesy of telling me so that I process a new one.” Asking for the Intervention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“I need my passport back from the UK VISA office please. Madam Alison. I need my passport back, I’ve lost a lot of money because of it, was supposed to travel to the UK this Saturday but guess that won’t happen, I travel to Botswana next week and this has to happen no matter what. PLEASE RETURN MY PASSPORT. I’ve complained to your office enough but with no result so I need to make this Public. Maybe I’ll get a result but I NEED MY PASSPORT BACK”.


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