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‘I Never Felt Like A Movie Star’ – Matt Damon Opens Up About His Career

Matt Damon who is undoubtedly one of the best actors in Hollywood recently came out to reveal that he has never felt like a movie star something that has relatively helped him with his low-key lifestyle.

‘I never felt like a movie star and that’s allowed me to do all the different roles I have done. I never got locked into having to play one thing over and over again, he said.

The father of four who is currently promoting his Jason Bourne movie further went on to say, ‘It also really helps with my work, because I feel that I can still relate to the characters I am playing.

Matt Damon opens up his career

Matt Damon opens up his career

‘Whereas, I think for some people fame can be so overwhelming that it distorts their understanding of how human beings actually engage with one another – because nobody is treating them normally and you eventually start to see that in their work.’

According to daily mail, Matt Damon never wanted to be restricted to a certain type of movie, saying he would be was open to low budget films.

If it wasn’t for Bourne identity 14 years ago, Matt Damon’s career path wasn’t guaranteed after several disappointing flops. Jason Bourne will start showing in the Ugandan cinemas next week.

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