New Bata Insolia: Makes Women Walk Further And Taller

You know that moment when you get home from a busy day at work and your feet are on fire? High heels were crafted to empower women’s confidence, but since they are quite uncomfortable and difficult to walk in, many women, especially here in Kampala have opted to shun them. Bata Uganda has just launched a new Insolia heel technology allowing you to wear high heels up to three times longer and walk taller courtesy of the even weight distribution in these shoes that ensures that you keep an upright posture.

This technology was launched recently by Bata Uganda at Garden City. The launch was attended by influential women, top socialites, fashion lovers, Bata staff and several media personel. It featured a fashion show on a runway where models showcased the new Bata shoes introducing the Insolia heel technology. While unveiling the shoes, beautiful smiles could be spotted on the faces of the women in attendance as this solved a major problem for them while the men who attended viewed this as newly found happiness for the women in their lives.

The Bata Insolia Heel technology launch at Garden City

Bata shoes with Insolia heel technology

The Bata team explains that “Thanks to the revolutionary weight distribution system that spreads your weight equally on your feet, women can now walk comfortably straighter and with a lot of ease in these new shoes from Bata.”  “This new shoe tech also includes a combination of  feet balancing which attracts more confidence not only to your look but most importantly, to yourself.” added Bata Uganda Merchandizing Manager, Diana Nabunya. All you need to do is  grab a pair from any Bata store near you and start enjoying your journeys. BATA Insolia is Proven Tested and Guaranteed Extra Comfort.

Why Wear Bata Insolia Heels

  • Wear heeled shoes up to 3 times longer!
  • Walk Straight and Look Taller up to 3 cm!
  • Walk Sexier, Feel Like a Diva!

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