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New Beauty Pegeant’s Regional Scouting Starts

Some ardent fans of beauty pageantry have long lost interest and this is because of the mediocrity of most of the beauty pageants that are organized every now and then.  

Citing that the current beauty pageants do fully reflect and represent the beauty of Uganda, a new pageant is here and it’s not just any pageant. It is one that reflects Uganda in every attribute. It is the ‘Pearl Beauty Pageant’.

The Pearl Beauty Pageant is something the Ugandans can finally participate in without fear of prejudice and bureaucracy so long as you are beautiful. And besides that, participating is open to many girls.

We got in touch with former Ugandan Model, Olivia Nambuya commonly known as Mama Oli who is also one of the organizers to explain what it is that has gotten the rest of Uganda excited about the Pearl Beauty Pageant and she relayed that the theme; ‘Beauty without boundaries’ is what people should look out for.

Olivia Nambuya aka Mama Oli the master mind behind Pearl Beauty Pageant

“The pageants being held in the country right now do not at all represent the pearl. We Ugandan women are not slim. Some are, but not all of us. And certainly not that standard model size our pageants peddle across Ugandan borders. Not all of us are towering.  We are fleshy and short and gaunt and curvaceous. We are varied. Some are big bosomed and others aren’t. Some have big bursts and long torsos and long necks and long and short legs. And those are our identities. They should be a reflection of our cultures and regions. That is why the Pearl Beauty Pageant is different. Because quite honestly, the definition of a beauty queen has many a time been misrepresented. And it is time to correct that, thus the Pearl Beauty Pageant,”  Olivia she said.

Mama Oli is flanked by seasoned pageantry expert Percy Madhaba and together, with comedian Bright Onak, they are going to hold country wide scouting campaigns.

Percy Madhaba a Pageant specialist from Venezuela is set to help out Mama Olivia in running the new Pearl Beauty Pageant

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