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New: Big Brother Africa Unveils Malawi, Mozambique And Nigeria Contestants

With 21 contestants revealed so far, Big Brother Hotshots that will kick off on October 5 has unveiled more contestants today.

Sipe, who will be Malawi’s representative is a hairdresser with an MSCE and ICM Hotel and Catering Management qualification. The main thing she loves about Africa is that it has an amazing landscape. Her role model is Beyonce because she is so hardworking and she makes it look so easy. Sipe’s mom is also an inspiration to her as ‘She raised three children on her own and it hasn’t been easy for her, but she managed to see us through school. She’s a very strong woman,’ she said.


Mozambique will be represented by the hip hop singer Trezagah who was inspired to join the Big Brother contest after watching the previous seasons. He further says the greatest thing about Africa is the culture each country preserves. Trezagah’s role model is Jay Z ‘because he knows how to dress, how to be on stage, how to behave and has good business control’.


Tayo will also represent Nigeria at Big Brother Africa, is a model who is not willing to change who he is or disgrace his family and friends to impress viewers. The thing he loves about Africa is the culture and pride. If he wins the grand prize, he will use the money for a luxurious lifestyle.


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