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New: Big Brother Hotshots Unveils More Contestants

Malawi’s Mr 256 has promised to be himself in the house. The 23 year old said that, ‘It’s very disappointing to get booted out and know that you weren’t your real self. I would rather lose the money at the expense of being myself. Then I can say I tried my level best. Everybody has his own morals.’

Asked about why he entered the Big Brother Africa contest, he said, ‘It’s easy to criticize people on different things, especially when you don’t know how it’s like being in their shoes,’ he says. I have watched Big Brother for a while and I have always told myself I can win the show, I can do better, but I don’t know what really goes on. So I have given myself a challenge to now step into the shoes I wasn’t wearing before and see how I will walk with them’.

When asked about how he feels that the world will be watching him 24/7, he said he’ll feel the pressure but only for the first few days.


Mozambique will be represented by Mira, who describes herself as ‘fun, honest, reliable, fair and considerate.’ Her favorite actor is Adam Sandler because she trusts him to always get a smile out of her. If she wins the contest, she will use the money to build her parents a retirement home and also start up a soup kitchen which will provide more job opportunities.


Macky2 who will represent Zambia at the upcoming Big Brother, entered the Big Brother Hotshots because ‘people naturally fall in love with my personality, so I know I stand a chance of winning that grand prize and changing my life’. Macky2 describes himself as ‘a natural entertainer who’s loveable, confident and truly believes he can do anything he sets his mind to.


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