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New: Big Brother Unveils Botswana, Kenya And South Africa Contestants

Sheilla who represent Botswana is currently studying an AAT Diploma. She chose to participate in the contest because she believes that ‘it’s a platform for people like me who were born for the spotlight. It puts us out there to succeed in our careers – in my case, my music career’. One of her strong qualities is analyzing things before she overreacts. She’s excited that the whole of Africa will be watching her: ‘‘it is like interacting within the house with someone invisible, or a ghost, and the thought of what they think just gives you an adrenaline rush’.


Kenya will be represented by Sabina, who is a TV and media personality. She entered the Big Brother Hotshots contest to win the grand prize and transform her life. If she wins the money, she will buy a house, spoil her family, save for her daughter’s education and invest in her business among others.


South Africa will also be represented by Samantha, who is a former law student. She’s inspired by her sister who has played a huge role in her life. She joined Big Brother because it’s something she wanted to do for long and the thought of spending time with other people of different nationalities is thrilling to her. If she  wins, she will help the orphanages she volunteers at, treat her sister to a holiday and invest the rest.


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