New Challenge On Social Media Is Making People Fall Everywhere

Just when we thought that the Kiki Challenge was the only one to talk about , another trending challenge gripped people online dubbed the Falling Stars Challenge.

The trend in which people are posing for pictures of themselves lying flat on their face as if they have just fallen down or passed out has been viral from mid September on Instagram and Twitter

The challenge doesn’t include only people falling down but also they display an array of things scattered on the ground varying from cosmetics and jewellery to kitchen utensils and vegetables etcetera

So where did this falling star challenge begin?. At first we saw the photos but we didn’t know what challenge it was until we searched deeper and discovered that it is a challenge that originated from Russia where it quickly became popular.

The falling stars challenge invites those taking part to share their best fake fall photos. They, in turn, nominate their friends and followers to do the same and since it became viral, people have been going to extreme lengths to make their tumbles as dramatic as possible.

We really have no comment on such trend, check out some of the photos

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