New Hangout 4MATIC Lounge Openeinig Doors In Kireka This Week

There are quite a number of reasons why some big night clubs especially those in the middle of Kampala City are no longer making profits like they used to back then. One of the reasons is ‘Kawunyemu’, a police procedure of arresting and detaining drunk drivers every weekend and then the other is the hardships of leaving town back home when one has had so much to drink.

These two mainly have forced people to stay home or resort to partying at hangouts near their places of residence and that is why there is a tremendous growth of bars and hangouts in the outskirts of town, offering the same things clubs in the city centre offer.

Along Kireka Kamuli road, a new luxurious, modern and classy hangout called 4Matic Lounge is opening its doors this Friday at a grand opening that is going to see Fik Fameica and Toniks as key performers.

The lounge will be offering more attractive ambience with breakfast, lunch and dinner available all day and night, complemented by an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at affordable prices.

The lounge has three well-stocked bars, a café and a restaurant and the lounge is going to be open to all kinds parties like birthdays, baby/bridal showers, weddings and after parties among others.

At the launch of 4Matic Lounge, gates at the lounge will be open at 5 pm and dj Roja will be behind the wheels while Mc Esco will be on the microphone.

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