New Jose Chameleone Video Ignites Fresh Illuminati Debate

Dr Jose Chameleone has got people discussing Illuminati again

Dr Jose Chameleone has  released a short video for his ‘Agatako’ song and what’s shocking most fans is, why in the world is he playing around with a snake in the video? That’s the million dollar question.

Many fans have come out and said it’s illuminati while the message Jose Chameleone accompanied with the video is quite to the contrary ‘Failure is all that is Left when you don’t Try over and over again.’

And then went to ask his followers or fans not to try it at home because believe you me, snakes are creatures you don’t want to be playing with.

Last year the singer addressed the illuminati claims after he was seen cutting his finger in a magic trick saying,

‘People will define you, Forgetting that you best know yourself! I am JOSEPH that’s if you didn’t know. Call me whatever you wish. Tell lies, My works will speak the TRUTH.’

Jose Chameleone has denied Illuminati claims on several occasions

Jose Chameleone has denied Illuminati claims on several occasions

‘I can’t believe how we are losing More than just Morals- But even Cultural Values which are the Basic definitions of who we are-Africans. It’s become of a Hunt of opportunity and we must be ready for parasites. Money has become an excuse that losers use to blame hardworking people,‘ he said.

To further drive his point across, Jose Chameleone said; ‘Some of us are built on pillars of God given ability that nobody can take away. I am Catholic NOT illuminati. And will never be.’

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