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New Presidential Envoy For Ghettos Buchaman To Arrest Other Self Proclaimed Ghetto Presidents

It is no longer news that the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appointed Ragga singer Buchaman real names Mark Bugembe as his special envoy to the ghettos in what can be perceived as an effort to get more support from people living in slummy areas of Kampala city.

The president made the announcement while meeting NRM Youth Camp near Kibuye roundabout last Saturday afternoon

Buchaman’s appointment has set tongues wagging especially after he vowed that using the authority given to him by the president, he is going to arrest all the other self proclaimed Ghetto Presidents claiming that he is the only Ghetto President

“This is a warming as the ghetto president. All those who call themselves Ghetto presidents will be arrested because I am the only ghetto president” Buchaman said at a press conference held on Tuesday

We wonder how Bucha is going to arrest the other Ghetto presidents who also command serious respect in other ghetto areas like Kisenyi, Kamwokya, Kiyaye, Kiwunya, Nakulabye among other places

Asked how he is going to execute the arresting process, the ‘Lwaki Temumatila’ singer simply said that he will arrest them come what may although he didn’t give a solid reason why

Newly appointed presidential envoy for ghettos Buchaman to arrest all the other self proclaimed ghetto presidents

Buchaman claims that his appointment as the presidential advisor on ghetto issues didn’t just come anyhow. He says that it is because of the underground work he has been doing for the ghetto people through the years which promoted the NRM Youth camp to second him thus the appointment.

Some of the things Buchaman will be doing for the ghettos is set up health facilities there, provide food to the needy, without forgetting promoting talents.

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