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New Twist In Angella Katatumba Case As Video Shows ‘She Provoked’ Chicken Tonight Workers

Last week, Angella Katatumba made news for two main reasons. First, the Pakistan consulate in Kenya disowned her and stated that the position in which she acting now is vacant and secondly because of the brawl she was involved in at Chicken Tonight.

Well, three employees of the eat out are behind bars after Angella took the matter to the authorities who acted accordingly and the evidence she presented to the police as well as media outlets was convincing enough that she was the victim.

However, a second video emerged over the weekend and this might change the authority’s opinion about the incident.

In the video, Angella and Kuz were the ones who sparked off the fight after Kuz, an artiste Angella was with during the incident left the hand washing soap pouring after using it and later, Angella was seen throwing an object to the waitress in the counter.

Angella Katatumba after she was allegedly beaten by workers of Chicken Tonight Kabalagala

All along the manager was sleeping in one of the chairs and when he came to resolve the issue, Kuz pushed him and this is when the fight broke out. The ‘For you gulu’ artiste was also the first to pick up the dustbin that was later used to knock her out.

In the first video that she submitted, none of this was in it but the management released it a few days later.

Watch the video below;


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