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New Ugandan Drama Series ‘Chapterz’ Premieres On Pearl Magic Prime

All eyes on the screens as a new series Chapterz, a new drama series premieres on Pearl Magic Prime.

According to the show’s producer Rhonnie Nkalubo Abraham, Chapterz is an adaptation of “Ekiryaatabaala”, a local play by Bakayimbira Dramactors. The drama series seeks to unravel the family secrets of society’s upper echelon.

The inspiration of this story dates back to 2001 when a play called “Ekiryatabaala” by the Bakyimbira Dramactors took Ugandan theatre by storm, including Nkalubo the Chapterz director.

“Chapterzis about a perfect family and a perfect mess, this family is so good to be so bad, and within every Chapter there are hidden verses,” he said as he hinted at the synopsis of the show.

“When I approached Charles James Ssenkubuge, the author of the play to ask for permission to produce it, he was concerned that we would not do it justice.We however agreed to do a pilot first, which was shot in two episodes, and later on given a go ahead for an adaptation.” Nkalubo added.

“Through Chapterz, we have addressed most of the issues in our society, especially what happens behind the confines of most gated communities of the wealthy/middle-class society.” He concluded.

(L – R) Laura Kahunde Chapterz Actress Joan Semanda Kiiza PR and Communications Manager MultiChoice, Rhonnie Nkalubo Chapterz Director.

The TV drama series premiered on Wednesday, August 11th on Pearl Magic Prime and will be airing every Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.

“We are trying to adapt our content to make sure that when a Ugandanwatches it, they feel like they are relating to it. This is what we are doing with Chapterz and a lot of content you are going to see on Pearl Magic. We want to show Uganda as authentically as we possibly can.” Commented Joan Semanda Kizza, the PR and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Uganda.

Chapterz drama series stars big names including Laura Kahunde, Aisha Kyomuhangi, Ssali Damascus, and Henry Mpinga Ssempijja among others.


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