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New Ugandan Duo YC & HAB Announce Entry With ‘Sidda Mukyaalo’ Album

A new music duo YC & HAB has hit Kampala with a ‘we don’t take ourselves too seriously’ attitude.  Their first album “Sidda Mukyaalo” (never going back to the village) brings together multiple cultures and languages, from English to Luganda to Runyoro and Hindi.  Of late they dropped their first music video off the album dubbed ‘P.S.V’, which tells the story of a Kampala taxi driver who falls for a female passenger and diverts his trip all the way to Mbarara. 

YC real name Zohran Mamdani, an Asian-Ugandan rapper born at Nsambya Hospital in Kampala grew up with HAB real name Hussein Abdul Bar, a fashion designer currently studying Ethics and Human Rights at Makerere University in the Kampala suburb of Buziga. The best friends began making music in 2015, releasing ‘Kanda’, a song all about ‘chapatti’ and ‘Sidda Mukyaalo’ is their first album, including six songs all about daily life in Kampala.


YC (in blue) with Hab 2nd left in P.S.V video


“It was HAB’s idea to make a song about a taxi driver. My idea was to make a song about fish, which HAB rightly said was a bad idea.” said YC.

The video for P.S.V. was created impulsively at a photo shoot in Fort Portal by Martin Kharumwa. The set, designed by artist Mirembe Musisi, created a claustrophobic effect that reminded the duo of taxis. YC & HAB plan to release videos for all six songs on this album, and they already have another in the pipeline.

“Young Cardamom and I both have a background in film so we learned a lot from that and with ‘Sidda Mukyaalo’, we also love to bring our own ideas into our videos. We also have video directors that we work with to make the video even better.” said HAB.

New to the Kampala music scene, YC and HAB have both been fans of Ugandan artists all their lives. They name Bobi Wine as their favourite.

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