News Anchor Faridah Nakazibwe Talks Venturing Into Perfume Business Besides NTV Work 

NTV’s Luganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe recently joined a series of Kampala celebrities who have to venture into business besides their careers. In the past years, celebrities would find venturing into side business a petty thing that would even waste their time. Well, time and again things have changed.

Faridah Nakazibwe has ventured into the business of body sprays dubbed ‘Body Mist’  and according to her, the business is here to stay.

Chano8 caught with her and she shared with us how the whole idea started.

Chano8: We are used of seeing you on our TV screens reading news, how did this whole idea of ‘Body Mist’ start?

Well, Faridah Body Mist is a partnership between two business ladies. That is Faridah and lady based in the UK called KJ Taylor. We share a  special friendship. We sat down and wanted something different on the Ugandan market. We came up with that Idea.

Chano8: Is Farida Mist an international business or only based in Uganda?

Currently, Farida Mist is only sold in Uganda. We have so many plans to expand it to all over East Africa. Since we are new, it is currently based here.

Chano8: Share with us more details about the Farida Mist?

The Faridah  Body mist comes in three flavors. That is coconut, Jacaranda and Raspberry with more flavors to come in the near future.

Chano8: Are Faridah Mist perfume locally made here?

No. It is developed in the UK and manufactured in China.

Chano8: Are you planning to leave the TV career for personal business or it is one of those things you’re out there to do for a living?

I am diversifying.

Chano8: Why do you think more Ugandan celebrities have started to venture in side businesses using their brand name?

Why not, it takes time to build a brand and it is easier for people to relate a brand with an actual person. That is the whole conception.

Chano8: So Farida Mist is a business here to stay?

Trust me on this. I want to give it my best. The business is just here to stay. More and more products are coming in by the way.

 Chano8: Finally, tell us where customers can get the perfumes?

Faridah Body mist is available at all Funz Video locations. Crane Plaza Kisementi. Mount Olive building Naalya and Muyenga Tank hill road.

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