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Bebe Cool Mends His Relationship With David Lutalo

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Last year, Bebe Cool live in KFM studio said that going international is not all about singing well and added that a lot have to be put into consideration like being nice looking and healthy, wearing fashionable clothes among others.

He was directing all that to David Lutalo who had earlier been compared to him with some people even saying that the latter was better.

In retaliation, Lutalo said that he has no time to beef Bebe Cool because he was busy taking on his international career.

Well, the vision of having international careers might have been the unifying factor for both these musicians as all signs indicate that they ready to work together.

Already, they both have a song together titled ‘I Can See’ which was released more than six years ago and Bebe Cool after a year of not having his ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ gig, he is back with it and it is happening on Boxing Day, 26th of  December and among the musicians to support him is Lutalo.

“David Lutalo is one of the biggest artists in Uganda that have come to earn respect from me. My brother your welcome to Tondeka Ekiwatule,” Bebe Cool posted earlier today with Lutalo’s video drop of how he’s attending the event.

Bebe Cool and David Lutalo are friend again


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