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Nick Cannon Lied; Mariah Carey DOES Know Kim Kardashian Exists

mariah-carey7The story earlier this week was that, Nick Cannon claimed Mariah Carey doesn’t know Kim Kardashian. Like who Kim is? And it later turns out that it was a total BS.

As a human being who lives in the world and presumably has Internet access, Mariah is fully aware of who Kim is. In fact, not only does she know Kim’s name, the two women have met on at least one occasion:

That was when  took over as host of The Tonight Show, he kicked off his first episode with a sketch in which various celebrities walked onstage to give him money.

Two stars who waited in line together before their cameo were – you guessed it – Kim and Mariah.

Now, since Mariah is Nick Cannon’s wife and Mariah his long-ago ex, they probably didn’t do much talking, but the fact remains, they definitely know each other.

This whole mess stems from an incident last week in which Cannon revealed his “sex list” a la Lindsay Lohan during a radio interview.

As a husband and father of two, he defended his comments by saying that Mariah is laid back about such matters and doesn’t even know who Kim is.

He’s since dialed back this statement, telling fans not to take everything he says in interviews “as gospel.” Lesson learned!

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