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Nicki Minaj Breaks Up With Nas Only After 7 Months Of Dating


Let’s all agree that American Hiphop star Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were not the perfect couple. There was something wrong with them and matters were made worse when Nas and Nickie acted a couple in ‘Right by my side’. They looked destined together and that video might have sparked off their relationship.

After Nickie Minaj and Meek Mill called it quits in January last year, she later hooked up with Nas. But the sad news we are receiving is that, their relationship also has ended just a couple of months after it had kicked off.

The couple had been dating since June 2017 and were known to post some cute cuddly pictures together. Some people were expecting them to be the next rapping empire couple!

Nicki Minaj and Nas were expected to be the next big thing in Hiphop

The couple called it off about two weeks ago with sources saying that the long distance relationship just plain ran out of steam. Along with announcing the couple calling it quits, the sources also completely refute all rumors about Nicki being preggers with Nas’ kid.


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