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Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Video With Ellen!!

Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj is making a lot of waves with her new booty popping, record breaking  video ‘Anaconda’ both at the VMA’s where her performance left some parents hoping their kids never watch it ever to being reinvented by Ellen DeGeneres into a rib cracking video.

Hilarious Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres while celebrating  Ellen‘s premiere week yesterday, aired a clip of Minaj’s music video with herself edited in, shaking it to the best of her inept ability as one of Minaj’s dancers.

Ellen in ‘Anaconda’ video

That was a lot of booty poppin’ right there, and I maybe popped a booty muscle or something,” she said afterwards. Who knew Ellen had those kind of moves?

Nicki Minaj will be on Ellen’s show today so keep watching.

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