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Nico Roseburg Walks Away From 18 Million Pound Deal With Mercedes.

  • Nico Roseburg retires from Formula One.
  • He was announced World Champion last year November.
  • What next for the World Number One?.

Just days after realizing his lifetime dream by taking the title against his oldest rival, team mate and friend Lewis_HamiltonNico_Rosberg the Formula One champion retired officially from the sport. In his first major interview since retirement, he stunned the wider sporting public by going out at the top, foregoing his £18million-a-year contract to drive on at Mercedes, he talks more candidly than he could when he was in the maelstrom of the biggest contest of his life, the battle he won at the Abu_Dhabi Grand Prix last November.

Nico Roseburg after being announced World Number champion.

By sacrifice, Nico aged 31, he raised himself to a level of intensity he could never hope to replicate. His journey to the top was not an easy one. He had to sacrifice the things he loved to edge ahead of his rival. It required him to lose weight by at least a kilogram in order to go faster.

One small example: ‘I stopped cycling in the summer to lose one kilo,’ he says. ‘The next race I was on pole in Suzuka by one hundredth of a second. One kilo is worth three hundredths per lap. So I was on pole thanks to losing my leg muscles. It got me the win. Those were the small details I went into.’

 He paints a picture of a man who squeezed out every drop of his talent in a one-off attempt to do what he had never managed before in any series: beat his old karting pal over the course of a season. With that momentous decision to quit aged 31, an upheaval that some observers believe he should have mulled over to be certain his mind was settled. Others said he should defend his title.

Nico Roseburg after a Formula One race.

Nico Roseburg says, ‘My Formula One career book is closed with the most awesome ending I could have imagined. And I love books that end happily.

‘I am turning my life upside down, so it will be full of challenges. The underlying belief, however, is that it felt totally right. I am following my heart.

‘Now I am excited because of all the freedom I have. When I was racing I was in a hamster wheel, a good one, of course, and I am so thankful for everything it gave me. I wouldn’t do anything differently.

‘But to be the best in your sport you have to make a lot of compromises.

‘Now I look at my calendar for March and it’s totally white, blank from start to finish. I can decide to explore whatever I want to. It’s about spending more time with my family, which last year was a serious shortcoming.’


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