Nigerian Comedian Klint Da Drunk Can’t Wait To Meet Singer Daxx Kartel 

Nigerian comedian Klint Da Drunk is in Uganda and will be performing today evening at  the ‘Comedy Store’ show at that takes place at UMA Showgrounds.

He is famed for his drunken character that he uses in his comedy and during a press conference yesterday at Mestill Hotel, he was told of a Ugandan musician who has a drunken style just like his.

“We have a Ugandan musician who has the same character like you. He always appears drunk in music videos and on stage,” said one of the journalists and in his response, the 46 year old said he can’t wait to meet Daxx Kartel.

“Ohh my God. You see I’m now international. I’m influencing some people even in Uganda. I would love to meet this guy Daxx Kartel. I can’t wait to meet him,” said an excited Klint.

This is the 3rd time the Nigerian comedian is coming to Uganda and when asked what he loves about the Pearl of Africa, he said the hospitality and the food.

“Ugandans are warm people and there is this food I really enjoyed. It had this long cassava and pork meat on the side. It was so delicious.” The comedian said

Nigerian comedian speaking at a press conference

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