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Nigerian Patoranking Warms Up Fans On Chilli Night As Heavy Rain Causes ‘Flop’ Scare

There were very many worried faces at Lugogo Cricket Oval last night as recurrent heavy rains threatened to disrupt Nigerian dancehall star Patoranking’s concert at the soggy and extremely wet venue. Patoranking himself should have been worried somewhere before coming to the venue.

The signs have been there especially since September with rains falling almost every day in Kampala and neighboring areas. Some taking half a day while the most of the timings have also been unpredictable. So, when the early morning shower had seized, the rest of the afternoon looked promising only for things to change abruptly in the evening at around 6pm.

There were drizzles and even an evil storm threatening to strike. This was not going well according to plan and so many faces looked really worried as time went on especially on the side of the event organisers.

Comedian Salvado Patrick Idringi kept the few charged fans in the ordinary section busy as he cracked jokes and animated the music. But time kept ticking and the VIP section still had a handful of people while the VVIP section was completely empty save for the beautifully decorated and nicely arranged tables and chairs by 10pm.

Parts of the VIP and Ordinary section was lively with a sizable crowd.

However, the VVIP section was largely unoccupied most of the time.

However, as time went on, the very energized Ordinary section looked filled up while the VIP section to got a few additions here and there as the curtain raisers like Hit Nature, Vinka, Cindy and the rather subdued Beenie Gunter tried to  up the tempo on stage with live performances backed by the Evoke Band.

As the artistes were turning on the heat on stage, Mother Nature was turning on the coolers somewhere. And no sooner had the man of the moment Big Trill stepped on stage, than the heavens opened once again. Throughout his time on stage, it was raining and even when he did his monster hit ‘Parte after Parte’, it was worry after worry for organisers as midnight was starring them on the face.

Vinka tried to brighten the night and chose a fluffy pink fur dress to spice it up

While Cindy and her friend Karole Kasita did paka chini.

Fik Fameica was next to try and raise the spirits in the crowd but the freezing revellers had had it enough with the locals and only wanted to see the Nigerian star. He peeled off his shirt in an attempt to lift the fast-fading moral from the ordinary section, to no avail.

That was the moment the organisers also felt ‘enough is enough’ and ushered in Patoranking as time check was 11:50pm. Dressed in army camouflage sweat pant and army green T-shirt, the Lanky dancehall artiste looked surprisingly unfazed, but rather lively.  The rain had stopped and most of the VVIP tables had miraculously attracted some occupants from nowhere.

Patoranking real name Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie, went about with his business without any interruption kick-starting the performances with arguably his big hit ‘Suh Different’ straight away to set the mood right. Followed by other popular hits like ‘Daniella Whine,’ ’Wilmer,’ Girlie ‘O’, ‘Confirm’, No Kissing Baby’, ‘Happy Day’, ‘This Kind Luv’ and ‘My Woman, My everything’, which got the crowd crazy waving all sorts of things.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was raining but you guys waited for me ” He said.

Patoranking thanking his Ugandan fans for braving the rains and staying to watch him late in the night.

The highlight of his performance was the emotional reunion with Fik Fameica as they met and performed for the first time since recording the block buster hit ‘Omu Botyo’. Hugs were flying all over the place accompanied by ‘Thank You’ repeated over and over.

His band and backup crew did a great job. He had to do an acapella of ‘Suh Different’ to say good bye to his fans.

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