Nigerian Star KetchUp’s Electrifying Performance Lights Up Ciroc French Vanilla Night

The excitement was written all over his face and pumped up in an energetic performance that caught many off guard as his appearance at the Ciroc French Vanilla Night was not publicized that much but with last night’s edition considering with the Rally Night, the house was still full.

Everything was full of surprises from how Ketchup real name Onyido Nkemjika dropped in the country to how he showed up on stage, to his rather electrifying performance and the equally frenzied crowd response.

Guvnor was lively as usual even before KetchUp dropped

Most people didn’t release the ‘Pam Pam’ hit maker had already made his way into the Industrial-area based club Guvnor only for the MC to announce at 2:15Am that he coming on stage. Attention swiftly shifted to the stage from the screens where rally enthusiasts were watching the highlight’s of the day’s proceedings.

Although his songs like ‘She Issa Flirt’, ‘Sweet Girl’ and ‘Holy Mic’ are not popular here, the crowd seems to have enjoyed every bit of his performance particularly his dance moves dominated by waist wiggling and display of his well chiseled abs that he allowed his fans to have a feel of as he danced with them.

Phones were all out as fans captured the best moments of the singer’s performance.   

He also sampled something from his latest album with ‘Skibodeh’ and ‘What Would You Do?’ before he finally performed the block buster hit ‘Pam Pam’ as the fans went wild. He also had time to sample a remix of Vinka’s ‘KetchUp’ which he happily claimed was sang in his honor.

Lastly before leaving the stage and as a show of solidarity between Uganda and Nigeria, the artist also known for his humor asked the DJ to play arguably Africa’s biggest song at the moment Big Trill’s ‘Parte After Parte’ which he also declared is currently the biggest hit back home in Nigeria.

Fans enjoying every moment of the night

One final surprise came from the re-emergence of almost forgotten singer Ceasorous of the ‘Dangerous’ fame who also snag some of his popular songs before performing his latest reggae love song ‘You Make Me Fall In Love Again’


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