Nigerian Stars Endorse Salvado’s Show, Expected To Make An Appearence

As the second edition of his one man show- Man From Omokolo2 (MFO2) draws closer, we have learnt that the comedian has received tremendous support from his Nigerian star friends.

Salvado has just concluded the Glo Lafta Fest tour in Nigeria and he made a couple of celebrity friends who are backing his show.

It is rumored that top Nigerian stars like Kanayo Okanayo , Basket Mouth, Usouofia, Clit the Drunk, could turn up for Salvado’s show slated for next Friday October 27th at Imperial Royale hotel.

Salvado with Mr Usofia

Several stars have shared video drops, some making it clear that they will be in attendance, but when we contacted Salvado, he insisted that he was not comfortable letting out such info to the public; “these are my friends and they wanted to support me, we have a personal understanding that I wouldn’t want to betray,” the comic told us.

Salvado’s MFO2 is sponsored by Singleton whisky. Tickets go for 100k and tables will cost Shs3m.


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