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Nina Roz Gives Her Life To God As Singer Is Baptized At The Lakeshore

“Whoever is joined hands with Jesus Christ is a new being, the old is gone the new has come” says 2nd Corinthians 5:17

We are comfortable to say that singer Nina Roz is now a new being after giving her life to Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, the singer took to her official Instagram account and shared photos of her standing in what looks like lake water with whom she referred to as her ‘spiritual father’, Bishop Arnold Muwonge,

She revealed that Mr Mwonge who according to information we gathered is an international minister and founder of the Kampala Children’s Centre, had baptized her by immersion and is grateful to the Almighty God whom she asked to “use her in all ways” he wishes.

“Victory belongs to GOD , Im humbled and grateful ALMIGHTY . Im all yours GOD just use me in all ways Father , i feel blessed to be alive and Baptised today 5/09/21 by my spiritual Father Arnold Muwonge”- Read Nina Roz’ post

Her followers and some of her fellow singers showered her with encouraging messages upon taking on the journey of salvation.

“Glory to God love…. Victory belongs to Jesus”- Said singer Lilian Mbabazi

Meanwhile this comes at a time when the singer is going through a lot of things like fighting her drug addiction, dealing with the life after separation with her boyfriend singer and music producer Daddy Andre and also her battles with her former record label Black Market Records which she accuses of suspending her official YouTube channel after she decided to leave.

Nina also threatened to sue the label which while clearing its name, denied her accusations and said that she hid the channel herself 

Now that she gave her life to God, it’s not clear whether she will continue singing secular music or will she switch to gospel.






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