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Top Comedian In Rwanda, BBA Housemate 2014, Meet Arthur Nkusi

Comedy in Rwanda is evolving at a remarkable pace, thanks to the undeniably multi-talented Arthur Nkusi. His theatrical tricks and eye-catching unique dance moves have given Rwandan a commendably huge forward leap. The budding talent, who describes himself as single, hunting and attacking” and a “supporter of Arsenal by default” opened out to Chano8 in this 3 part interview.


Arthur full of life


Who is Arthur?

Arthur is a young guy that started arts in 2004, as a dancer became an actor, a percussionist, i was more into theatre at the beginning. I later joined comedy in 2010 but it was no serious comedy per say, we got most of the jokes from the internet and that’s how i became a comedian which landed me on radio. So i would say; Arthur is just a performer.

I have heard you speak Luganda, how many languages do you speak?

I speak Luganda, Kinyarwanda, English, a little bit of French and a little bit of Swahili. The rest I just hear but don’t understand. (Laughs)


Former BBA housemate under the flashlight

When did you start doing comedy?

I started doing comedy in 2010 but professionally it was 2012 when I joined radio. When that call came I dropped everything that I was doing including theatre to concentrate on comedy and building it up here in Rwanda. I started with KFM, National Media and worked there for two years and currently am on KISS FM hosting ‘The Break Fast Show’ from 6 to 10am which I have been doing for a year now.

Do you enjoy the TV show?

I love it, am there as a comedian, all I have to do is react, you don’t create you just react on topics, callers, which generates content and topics, I have characters that I play that people don’t even know. It’s a nice job, I end work at 10am from there I do my own stuff. I own a studio which i go to after radio to do ma TV shows which i produce myself.


Arthur shows off his dreadlocks

You were one of the housemates in Big brother 2014, tell me about your experience.

Hahahaha! It is funny losing in the game where all you have to do is sit eat, react and get out. My friends used to make fun of me about it and in my defence i would tell them that at least I made a record as the first Rwandese to participate in BBA and first one to exist and no one will ever repeat that record.

The experience was nice, you know being on that platform and dealing with different cultures.  It was also crazy knowing that people are watching your each and every move, praying, eating showering etc. Most importantly it presented me with a lot of opportunities when I came back. That’s when I got the KISS FM show, then i did my one man show here in Rwanda where i invited the  Amarura singer Roberto and  it was a sell-out but most importantly i got a lot of connections.

To be continued tomorrow…

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