“There Are No Guarantees On Music Investments”- Benon

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Benon Mugumbya commonly known as from the duo Benon and Vampos has done it all and seen it all in the music industry. He has been a musician, he has been a producer and besides the two, he is also into advert production but all this was possible because of the love for music.

Well, Benon has today explained to all musicians that there are no guarantees on music investments so they should be careful on where they invest.

He said this through a Facebook post where he zeroed down on the costs of a music video and how much musicians spend every month.

“So my friend Boaz Pejay tells me at Face TV they receive about 20-25 new music videos a day. This got me thinking numbers… So let’s say an average of 15 music videos are shot everyday and a ‘Reasonably OK’ video will go for at least 4 million. So 4M X 15 = 60million… This means artists spend approximately 1.8 billion in a month on music video production. Hmmm but then again there are still no guarantees on the return on investments. Tough venture right,” he wrote.

Benon Mugumbya

Benon Mugumya

Could this be one of the reasons that forced Benon to collaborate with Julius Kyazze to start their own production house (Swangz Avenue) which records audios, shoots videos and signs artistes! Only he can answer that but to all musicians, this is what you should put into consideration from now onwards.


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