No Miss Uganda Contest In 2017, Reigning Miss Retains The Crown

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

A lot of unanswered questions arose on why Miss Uganda auditions which at first used to happen in the middle of the year were done late last year. As a matter of fact, these auditions would be carried out in the four regions of Uganda but last year it was a whole kind of different set up as they the girls were auditioned from Kampala.

However, this did not hinder organisers, Kezzi Entertainment from going on with the 2016’s edition which saw Miss Leah Kagasa from Fort Portal beat the other girls to the crown. With all the expectation that this year things were going to go back to normal, it turned out that there will actually not be any Miss Uganda contest, making Leah remain our Miss Uganda until next year.

When this reached our news desk, Chano8 contacted Kezzi Events’ PRO Mrs Janet who had this explain.

“We decided to give our girl (Leah Kagasa) more time because we wanted Miss World to be the last activity she does. So we want to be like other countries like Kenya and South Africa. It’s always the last activity which gives some more time to work on our project. Secondly we have been bench marking and seeing how others do their things and because of all this and some other research, we though it prudent not to have the pageant this year so that we can have it next year and put in practice all that we have learnt on top of our girl having more time for the miss world project.” Janet explained.

Leah was crowned Miss Uganda on Saturday the 15th of October 2016 succeeding miss Zahara Nakiyaga Muhammad who was Miss Uganda 2015/2016. In December last year, Leah represented for Uganda at the 2016’s edition of Miss World in Indonesia despite the fact that she did not win.

dsc_3708-largeIt was a moment of happiness as Miss Leah Kagasa was crowned queen last year.  (Photo credit: Habre/Chano8)

Having served well in her tenure which was supposed to have come to an end this year, Leah has set a record as the first ever Miss Uganda to serve for two years. It might sound funny but it is true.



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