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No More Comedy At Laftaz Comedy Lounge

For the last couple of weeks, Laftaz comedy lounge has not been hosting the weekly comedy that has been happening every Wednesday of the week and no one from management had come out to explain this.

Because of no explanation, rumors started spreading that most of the management members had fallen out due to financial issues which forced the people behind the comedy to pull out.

But today, an official statement has been released about this whole issue with the hope to put the matter to bed and to those who have been frequenting the hangout, comedy has been scrapped perhaps forever according to manager Jonathan Kyeyo confirms.

Salvado hosts Bad Black at one of the comedy sessions at Laftaz Lounge

“I would like to make it clear by dispelling a few rumors that have been spreading recently, that management had split up because of money issues. The fact is that we are all too busy, running various projects and comedy is not our priority at the moment,” he said.

Jonathan however said that Laftaz Jinja will continue hosting some shows as it has always done.

This decision has affected the business because people have started snubbing the hangout for other happening places with comedy like Diners Lounge, Waikiki among others. And not only that but it sure looks like Monday is the only happening day Laftaz is surviving on lately.

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