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‘No One In Uganda Can Afford Me’ – DJ Apeman

Following Bebe Cool’s statement a few weeks back on Spark Tv when he stated that he pays a few deejays to play his music, Silverback deejays CEO DJ Apeman aka Silverback came out and said he is not affordable. 

While appearing on the Beat alongside other deejays like SlickStuart, Alberto, Nimrod and Aludah among others, Apeman on his behalf stated that, he does what he does out of love and that no one can afford him.

“No artiste can afford me and no one should go on telling people that they pay me to play their songs. I do this because it’s my profession,” he said when asked if he has ever received any money from anyone. 

DJ Apeman says he is beyond Ugandan artistes and does what he does out of love

He further went on and said that there was a time when Rabadaba tipped him shs1million because of playing so well but rejected the money because he is not up for being bribed. 

The deejays appeared on the set to talk about the mutual understanding between them and the artistes and why they are playing more of international songs than local. Most of them agreed that the way forward is for Ugandan artistes to produce quality work and that, if any artiste decides to pay deejays, he should pay all of them not just a few selected ones because they will reject playing his music and leave it for that particular one who has been paid.


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