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“No Producer Has Shown Me Something New”- Washington

Photo by Habre Muriisa

If you are talking about audio production and producers in Uganda then one name Washington will pop up and we won’t say he is the Uganda’s number one producer but one thing we are comfortable saying is, he is one of the best who artistes die to work with.

He is one who has spent 20 years in this industry and he has been relevant and every passing year his production skills get a notch higher although he reduced on the number of songs he releases to ensure more quality and perfection according to what he disclosed to Chano8.

Like an experienced producer, Washington has seen a lot of things, seen and trained other producers but to him, no producer has proven to him that they are doing something unique. He claims that the ones there are only replicating things he did some time back.

Producer Washigton

No producer has proved to Washington that they are doing something new (Photo by Habre Muriisa)

“Other producers are copying the same thing that I did some time back. There is no producer who has showed me they are doing something new, they are not there. The producers are good, they are doing good work, they have been very good students am happy for them but to be a successful producer you need to have your own identity and touch. I cannot start copying Dr Dre or Timberland.” Washington confidently said.

Leaving that aside, He has an upcoming show dubbed ‘Magic Washington Legacy’ aimed at celebrating 20 good years he has spent in the music industry slated to take place on Monday the 17th of April (Easter Monday) at the Acacia Avenue based Casablanca Bar.

“This show is going to be different, I am going to put people into my mind and show them what my mind thinks and how my mind would want artistes to be and the performances are going to be different. At 4PM that day we are going to have a Congolese band because I want the people to remember where we came from and there is also going to a lot of Reggae and Dancehall music, it is so much involved in our music industry and I also have cultural music because our music in composed of these three” Washington told Chano8


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