No Virtual Fashion Display This Year As ASFAs Are Postponed To 2021

Most of us had hoped that may be by December, the lockdown would already be lifted and we resume doing things normally but this hasn’t been the case going by the look of things.

Since March, 18th of March to be exact, no music concerts or any other social gatherings have been allowed to happen, forcing some artistes and event organisers to embrace the new normal of  what we call virtual concerts which we have through the months watched online.

There have been a lot of hopes that the biggest fashion, style and red carpet event in East Africa, that is to say ‘Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards’ (ASFAs) was also going to held in that kind of setup but this is not going to happen if the information we received from the organisers is anything to go by.

It actually seems that this year round, our eyes will not be fed with breathtaking fashion yet again as the awards have been pushed to ‘Tweni Tweni one’ (2021) due to obvious reasons. This is going to be the first time ever, the awards will not be taking place since their inaugural edition in 2013.

Ahumuza Bryan the founder ASFAs, after a sit down with the team, came to a conclusion that they are not holding this year’s (8th edition) of the ASFAs virtually because it does not connect with the awards’ main idea.

“The Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards were started on the idea of people coming together to socialize, network and interact with one another, in the name of celebrating something we all love and support; Fashion. Our team did have a sit down, and we did weigh our options, in as far as embracing the new normal goes. But we have never envisioned the ASFAs being a virtually produced show, as this ruins the idea and concept on which the ASFAs started” Said Abryanz

Abryanz Style and Fashion awards will not take place this year

Following their principle of hosting fashion and style lovers together, in one room, with all the oomph, flair and glam postponing the award for this year’s was to them what we may consider calling the best solution.

“Putting into account the safety of our fans and guests, and also the need to give you a show that will be as remarkable and unforgettable like the last 8 years, we have made the tough decision to postpone the event to 2021. This year and the year to come will be maximized in planning”

With hopes that pandemic will be done with, organisers promised fans nothing but a mega return of ASFAs they have never seen before come 2021.




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