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“I Am Not Going To Sue Buganda”- Bobi Wine

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Despite the mistreatment he got from Buganda Land Board last Friday when they graded part of his One Love Beach Busaabala, musician Bobi Wine has vowed not to take Buganda Kingdom to the courts of law.

“I have invested all my youthful energy, earnings and time in this place that I had become so attached to. It is such a tough time for me and my family but I’m not going to sue the Mengo establishment.” Bobi said.

And to prove his point that he holds no grudge against Buganda, he even participated in the Kabaka run last Sunday.

Bobi Wine was last Saturday victimized after the kingdom demolished part of his beach especially the road that leads to beach and the parking space after it was alleged that he encroached on Kabaka’s land.

Bobi still took part in the Kabaka (King) of Buganda run despite the injustice that exercises on him

During some interviews that he did, whereby he even cried in one of them, Bobi Wine was expected to take the kingdom to the courts of law and never participate in any of the kingdom’s activities.


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