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“Am Not Lucky, I worked Hard And Still I Am”- A Pass Speaks Out

Just like any professions, singing is also involved with to much work and zeal. An artiste who does not work hard to produce for his fans will stay on the same level they are even if they have one or two songs. Therefore, it must not be taken for granted that successful artistes are because of luck. A Pass is one of the musicians who don’t like his music success to be connected with luck.

“I don’t like it when people tell me A PASS banange you are so lucky. Let me correct you, I am not lucky. I worked hard and I still work hard every day to improve myself and to upgrade what I do so as some go out and take beers and meet friends no offense but I can’t do that because the Fire to be successful burns inside me so I work, I celebrate deep inside of me after doing something great.”

Apass wins

Thtough his hard work, A Pass has been able to win awards

Indeed A Pass’ success is for sure not all about luck but instead the ‘Gamululu’ hit maker has worked tiresly releasing more songs after his breakthrough hits like ‘Tetubatya’, ‘Tuli Kubigere’ among many others and like he said, he is still struggling tooth and nail to attain a higher position in the Ugandan challenging music scene.

One of the things the artiste decided to do was to release a song daily although we haven’t kept track but we hope and expect this to win him more mileage

“I am doing everything it takes to be successful in what I do and that’s effort, talent is not the main ingredient. Effort is so don’t call me lucky I worked for this.” A Pass concluded.

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