Nseko Buseko Season 2 Proves Mad Rat And Chicko Have ‘Finally Arrived’

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins/Chano8

They started as ‘village comedians’ combing’ ghettos and city suburbs for Karoake shows to showcase their talents. Mad Rat and Chicko real names Dickson Lubega and Frank Mubiru respectively, built a fan base that loves and adores them everywhere they went in those escapades which eventually pushed them to the main stream comedy arena.

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Just a few years back it was unheard of for comedians to hold individual or solo shows other than being hired as curtain raisers at music concerts as or as sub-plots at other events but now this perception has since slowly died as comedians like Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi (Man From Onbokolo) And Anne Kansiime held successful solo projects which other comedians like Pablo and Funfactory comedy group have since followed with their own successful annual shows.

Comedian Salvado Idringi who has also had successful solo shows dubbed Man from Ombokolo was also in the crowd yesterday with his wife.

This follows the growth of comedy especially stand-up comedy which has since coined a respectable position in the entertainment industry with the advent of the weekly group shows that have dominated city hangouts as fans throng these shows to get cracked up in the course of the week.

Back to the duo who have since grown to be the biggest comedy duo in the country, their relentless hard work has now paid off after holding their first ever comedy show dubbed Nseko Buseko (Season one) last year at Theatre La’bonita which was well attended and a good kicks-tart for their future projects and ambitions.

They did not seat back on their laurels and followed it up with several appearances at other local and ‘international’ shows abroad which climaxed yesterday with the return of the Nseko Buseko Show (season two).

Mad Rat and Chicko have finally arrived in the city and capable of attracting crowds that cut across all the class divide.

One can comfortably say surely the young comedians have now arrived in the city because, firstly, they moved from the smaller Theatre La’bonita which usually attracts the ‘downtown crowd’, to a four-star hotel – Royal Imperial Hotel known for hosting mostly A-listers of the city. A big leap I must admit.

Last night, they went about with their business but introduced new items to their style of comedy usually presented in skit form or short plays and narrations.

They kicked off with a boxing match in a makeshift ring erected creatively by the Combat dancers who had prepared the stage for their grand entrance with a beautiful and lively dance routine of their own.

Another comedian DR T Amale who was the referee gives instructions to the boxers Chicko (L) and Mad Rat

Other comedians like Alex Muhangi the stadium announcer and DR T Amale the referee while VJ Junior doing live commentary added up the spices to the fight built around the political scene in the country where opposition represented by Chicko was ‘knocked out by small NRM represented by Mad Rat despite seemly having a bigger body and more public support.

DR T Amale who mimics Tamale Mirundi continued with his jokes that carried heavy political undertones while throwing jibes at NRM and President Yoweri Museveni, to the displeasure of chief guest State Minister for Water Resources Hon. Ronald Kibule who was seated in the VIP section.

Dr T throwing jibes at the ruling NRM government as he mimics Tamale Mirundi.

Minister Ronald Kibule following the proceedings eenly from the VIP section.

Alex Muhangi who also doubled as the host meanwhile kept his jokes centered on artiste Bebe Cool who too, like Kibule, followed from the VIP section alonside some Gagamel members with his face hidden in a red cap.

The next phase of Jokes from the men of the night, were about their experiences encountered in daily life where they juxtapose the life of the power against those of the rich. They also cracked jokes about their visit to the U.S in which they took their ‘localness’ there with other Ugandan entertainers.

The Ugandan-Americans telling their story of the visit to Trump land.

Even babies attended the event yesterday as their parents shared light moments.

The crowd at Imperial Royal Hotel was not bad for a comedy show.

The event sponsored by Tusker Lite also saw Janzi Band entertain as the only other curtain raisers as it came to close at a few minutes to midnight. Local politicians, business and entertainment personalities formed part of the sizable crowd that turned up for the show.

The duo also displaced their acting skills as they presented the skits.

Laughter was the main item on the agenda as the guests enjoyed themselves.

Apart from the jokes and acting skills there was also story-telling and poetry the old-school way


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