Nsiimye Thanksgiving Dinner Makes Grand Entrance Into Entertainment Scene

On Saturday night, a brand new culture was introduced to the Ugandan social scene, a first ever Thanksgiving Dinner dubbed ‘Nsiimye’ that gave a whole new meaning to giving thanks and showing appreciation to people who are valued both at work and at home.

Organised under Bullion Events at the Kampala Serena Hotel Gardens, the heartwarming calendar event treated guests from the corporate world to a thanksgiving dinner where families, loyal clients, hardworking staff and patrons were celebrated and appreciated for a job well done throughout the year.

The Johnnie Walker sponsored dinner was rightfully coupled with a delicious thanksgiving feast and showstopping entertainment from some of Uganda’s most-adored artists like Naava Grey, Myko Ouma, Kenneth Mugabi Joseph Sax and Steven Keys who stole hearts with their sweet sounds and melodies

“This is a calendar event introducing a whole new culture where we give thanks and appreciate those we value. We had the chance to reflect with friends, families and work colleagues who have walked with us on our year-long journey and who are worthy of recognition,” said Annette Nakiyaga, Head of Luxury Whisky Portfolio, UBL.

The highlight of the night came in from Maddox who jumped onto the stage to close off the night. The “Namagembe” star effortlessly won the crowd over leaving many forgetting themselves and swaying along to his all veneratedsongs like “Omuyimbi” “Omukwano” and many more as the show ended towards midnight.

Nsiimye thanksgiving dinner is an annual event that is linked to a culture matching the American Thanksgiving holidays where people take the opportunity to give thanks for the blessing of the harvests and that of the preceding year. The event reminds us to always be thankful for what we have and to remember to show gratitude and appreciation while always saying ‘Thank You,’ ‘Dwoko Pwoc’, ‘Kusiima,’ ‘Eyalama,’ ‘Awadifo’, ‘Webare,’




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