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“NTV And Ciroc Gave Away Lots Of Free Tickets At White Party”- MD Don Zella Events

photos by Roy Ruva/Chano8

A lot of words were spoken before and after Zari’s All White Party and Don Zella’s Gal Power Party that took place on the same day, Thursday the 21st of December at Club Guvnor and Play respectively.

Don Zella’s critics using social media as one of the means were fast to spread rumours that her Gal Power Charity Party had flopped. Truth be told, the party had a mammoth crowd in attendance.

 As a matter of fact, this party was successful just like the All White Party which painted Guvnor White boasting of a big crowd as well. However, leaving alone these socialites’ parties’ success, a lot of words have still been said claiming that the Gal Power party was not successful but not to Cox Kibedi the managing director Don Zella events.

While speaking on Urban TV’s Scoop on Scoop show hosted by Tina Fierce, Cox was bitter at Don Zella’s critics including a few individuals in the media who probably without making deep research were spreading false propaganda about Don Zella’s party.

Cox rubbished all the this propaganda, plus bringing out facts of how NTV and Ciroc who were the main sponsors gave away hundreds of  free tickets contributing a lot on the All White Party big crowd that got people saying it was more of a success than Gal Power party which featured Zari’s co wife Hamisa Mobetto from Tanzania.

“If you did not know, Ciroc, Guvnor, NTV gave away lots free tickets to revellers which had a time limit of 9:30 PM. Someone was paid to keep on updating people that the Gal Power was a flop which not true. As matter of fact, we partied until 8 AM in the morning with many people from the white party coming to join us like at 4 AM.” Cox Kibedi said

Crowd at Zari’s All White Party


Part of the crowd at Don Zella’s Gal Power Party

Despite all this, Don Zella has remained strong and maintained her stand on giving back to charity which was her party’s main intention. She recently visited the poor people of Kinawataka slum and gave them some food stuffs and cash.


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