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NTV Host Rwamiti Explains Why Ugandan Music Groups Don’t Last

For this week’s edition of #AskRwamiti, the NTV host talks about why music groups don’t last.

Rwamiti recently told Chano8 that, It depends on what you are looking for. If you’re all “unknown” it will be hard. What happens with groups is that in most cases they start off on the right note, but along the way they all want to outshine each other. The different agendas of the members usually causes tension and hence the break ups or the groups just failing to reach their full potential.

While managing one artist is hard enough, managing a group is a whole different ball game as you have to try to meet individual needs while not compromising group needs.

Rwamiti also further says, when most Ugandan musicians start groups they fail to look at the long term goals. They usually have no strategies or objectives written down. It’s usually “Let’s get together and get one or two songs, make videos, hit the radios and maybe a concert!” For some reason when they break up from the group they tend to succeed. It is as if they have learnt some hard lessons and realize that it is do or die.

Rwamiti talks about Ugandan music groups

Rwamiti talks about Ugandan music groups

They start to be more focused because at this point they feel that if they fail it is an individual failure and they will only have themselves to blame. They now become go-getters. That is the reason most musicians that break away from groups tend to succeed in Uganda.

The NTV host continues, I am not saying groups are bad, but they require discipline that only a few have, for example Afrigo band which is in a class of its own. While I discourage groups if the only intention is to look for fame, I highly recommend getting a good mentor in whatever way possible. I will give you a few examples to explain what I am talking about. Without Chameleone we would have no Radio and Weasel, no Papa Cidy and more recently no Melody to mention but a few.

Same way without Bebe Cool we might never have heard of Rema or even Irene Ntale of Swangz Avenue. These artists have helped pave a way for other artists.

If you are an aspiring musician and got talent, humble yourself and reach out to the maestros to mentor you. For example, Cinerella Sanyu, Jackie Chandiru, Lillian Mbabazi, Leila Kayondo, Sheebah Karungi, Ray Signature and Navio.

Rwamiti concluded by saying, They must have done something right to be where they are today. You can also ask to be mentored by some of our great bands like Afrigo to learn how to play an instrument or two. First, crawl, walk, run and then fly. You might one day turn out to be the star you deserve to be.

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