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Why NTV Was Looking For The Boy Wearing Their Branded T-Shirt

For over a week now, NTV has been on the search for a village boy whose picture went viral after wearing an old branded T-shirt of the television station.

They sent out information for the whereabouts of this boy as if their lives depended on it and yesterday the search finally came to a stop after he was identified.

His name is Remy Matovu but his friends call him Mato. He lives in Najjera with his parents and brothers, started school in baby class this year but dropped out after the first term when the kindergarten near home closed down.


Remy Matovu also known as ‘Mato’ wearing the NTV T-Shirt

Sadly for him, the next affordable school –government oriented is miles away from home, which is too far for little Mato who is also the last-born of four children making 6 years on the 12th of September.

But with this information, the station is now looking for people to help give a hand in making the child’s education and life brighter. By filling a certain form.

“What I think they should do is carry the burden themselves not that it’s being selfish but truth is they can. It should entirely be upon them to make the boy’s dream come true. He was putting on their shirt but it looks like they want the public to help fund a child because he was wearing a NTV shirt.” said an observer


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