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NTV’s Bettinah Bashed Over Claiming She Has Never Eaten A ‘Rolex’

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

At the recently concluded 19th edition of Blankets And Wine that took place at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Sunday the 6th of May, NTV’s Style Project show host Bettinah Nassali came smartly clad in a kitenge and everything seemed to have been moving on smoothly but she destroyed things as well as causing another social media uproar when she took to her Twitter and posted a video of her self standing next to a rolex frying stall (rolex is a Ugandan slang for fried eggs rolled in chapatti)

Standing at rolex stall wouldn’t be a big deal but what caught the Twitter users’ attention was how she said in the video that it was very first time in life to order for and eat a rolex, nhum!

“Hey guys I am about to have the first rolex in my life, I hope it’s nice” was what Bettinah said as the rolex maker fried her rolex on a frying pan.

To be sincere, if you are Ugandan especially one who lives in Kampala it is so rear to miss out on eating a rolex, First of all, it a very fast snack, it is delicious and it takes away hunger if you are a little hesitant to cook. Besides it is one of the Kampala’s most eaten snacks. Even the rich eat it.

For a person like Bettinah who went through Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and chilling in Nakawa suburb, it might sound like a lie to say ‘I have never eaten a rolex unless you are a person  who likes feeling sweet about yourself

However, whether Bettinah has ever or never eaten a rolex did not matter at the moment as many Twitter users were opposing her statement saying she was just trying to be proud and create attention going by the replies to her Tweet

Here is how people bashed and made fun of her following her statement claiming she has never eaten a rolex














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