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Why NTV’s Productions Manager Resigned

All is not well at NTV as more employees are throwing in the towel at the Serena Hotel based station with the latest being the productions manager Rosie Motene.

The former Generations actress has been at NTV for not more than a year and sights her resignation to personal and emotional reasons. But we were tipped that she had misunderstandings with Aggie Konde the managing director NTV after she used to make decisions in her department without her (Motene) acknowledgement.


Former NTV’s production’s manager Rosie Motene

Motene wrote her resignation in the NTV production WhatsApp group which read.

“Greetings power team! I’m sure most of you have heard the rumors and I was hoping I will be able to come in and say goodbye in person. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you that I resigned due to personal and emotional reasons. I was supposed to work till end of month but that has changed. I would like to thank you for the support and love that you showed me.”

“The transition was not very easy but it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with you all. I’m in Kampala for a few days closing up on my shipment and admin, so if you are free, perhaps a coffee or drink. You can message me personally as I will exit from this group! Continue to strive for excellence, live with passion and love. Dare to dream and never give up on that. Accept nothing less than the champion’s league”. She concluded


NTV’s Managing Director Mrs Aggie Konde

The station has not come out with an official statement of her resignation yet and she joins the list of employees who have left NTV in the past few months.



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